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Art is subjective, Prosecco is Prosecco

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Calling all Van Gogh’s and Tracey Emin’s I have found the perfect place for you!

Last Thursday, the Impact Hub (inside Brixton Pop) homed the first Bubbly and Art Live drawing session and it went shadingly well. The two-hour art session ran from 7pm-9pm, however it truly was prosecco o’clock from the moment you entered the room, the constant flow of bubbles kept the energy high and quickly became a safe place for us amateur drawers to let loose.

The class of 26 were first tasked to complete three quick outline sketches, the humble nude model changed her pose every 5 minutes allowing us budding artists to get those necessary angles!

paint and sip, sip and paint, life drawing, life painting
Bubbly and Art Life Drawing

The group found instant comfort with owner and founder of Bubbly and Art @Jackiedraws_. Her composed nature and encouragement to draw without thinking allowed you to escape from your consciousness for a brief moment.

Accompanied by the extremely talented, multi-disciplinary artist Xilesia, the duo made their way round giving out precious gems of advice on pencil use, blending and shading.

At the beginning of the session we were given graphite pencils, a blending stump, a kneading rubber and a sharpener. Jackie explained, the materials used will change each session.

Having focused heavily on using graphite pencils in her own work, Jackie implemented the use of that material in this session, the items used will follow Jackie’s personal development and artistic journey.

The grand finale was a 45-minute live drawing session, the quickest 45 minutes ever can I add! Concentration and a little bit of competition (mainly from me) started to fill the room, when the time was up most people had a complete full body image drawn.

Bubbly and Art Blog Review
Life Drawing Sketch

To up the ante, it turns out there was a prize for the best drawing, we all flipped our clipboards, displayed our artwork and the winner was gifted with a bottle of prosecco of course!

Still in the heart of South London, The White Lion will host the next round of life drawings but this time with OIL PAINT.

Yes, I’m excited. What gave it away, the caps?

If this sounds like a bit of you or your mates want to try something new, then head down to the next Bubbly and Art class on Tuesday 8th May, all skill levels are welcome!

To keep up to date with Bubbly and Art follow all socials or buy tickets here.

Bubbly and Art Blog Review 1
Life Drawing and Prosecco!!!

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